Resurrection Aromatique - Hand Wash (500ml)
Reverence - Aromatique Hand Wash (500ml)
Resurrection Aromatique - Hand Balm (75ml)
Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser (500ml)
Reverence Aromatique - Hand Balm (75ml)
Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash (50ml)
Hand Wash - Sweet Orange, Cedarwood, Sage (500ml)
Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream - Tea Tree Extract, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang (65ml)
Purify and Protect Hand Care Twinset (300ml x 2)
Body Cleanser - Chamomile, Bergamot, Rose (500ml)
Roll On Deodorant - Icelandic Moss Extract, Sage Complex (50ml)
Refresh and Rejuvenate Body Care Twinset (300ml x 2)
Splash Vase Roll Neck M - White Dot
Six-Colour Bag L (Max 20kg) - No. 3
Neon Tube LED Slim 120 - Pink
Colour Crate S - Khaki
Tin by Sowden - Pink
Fonte Candleholder L - Black
Splash Vase Roll Neck M - White Dot
Six-Colour Bag L (Max 20kg) - No. 3
Neon Tube LED Slim 120 - Pink
Colour Crate S - Khaki
Fonte Candleholder L - Black
Ruban Rectangular M Mirror - Light Blue
Tin by Sowden - Pink
Jessica Hans Mug - Melting Pot
Soft Ice Cereal Bowl - Green
Soft Ice Lunch Plate - Green
Steel Lunch Box - Round 3 Layers
Tea Towel S&B - No 2 Marker Diamond
Shade Bin 14 L - Off White
PC Portable Lamp - Olive
Utility Scissors - Black
PC Portable Lamp - Sky Blue
PC Portable Lamp - Dusty Red
Tool Box - Dusty Green

Chim Chim Diffuser

Inspired by the idea of a miniature fireplace, Chim Chim combines a modern design with the ancient ritual of burning oils to create your favourite room fragrance. Made in porcelain, it is ideal for using in bathrooms and other rooms in the home.

Pair with our favourite oil burner blends from Aesop: Catherine, Anouk & Beatrice.

Apothecary Hand Wash (375ml)
St. Pauls - Perfume Oil (10ml)
Apothecary Body Wash (375ml)
Apothecary Hand Balm (375ml)
From Soil To Form - 1917
Apothecary Shampoo (375ml)
Water Bottle - Amber (500ml)
Sepia Mug - Amber (340ml)
Kronos Double Wall Espresso Cup (80ml)
Sepia Cup & Saucer - Amber (270ml)
Travel Tumbler - Black (500ml)
Travel Tumbler - White (500ml)

Colour Crate

This multifunctional plastic crate features a ventilated and stackable design. Available in a variety of different colors and sizes for smart storage in small spaces.

The baskets are very stable and can be used in all areas of the household. Whether as a practical basket for sorting or as a visually attractive decoration, always an eye-catcher and helper!

HAY Colour Crate
Colour Crate M - Light Blue
Sold Out
Colour Crate M - Light Yellow
Colour Crate M - Navy
Colour Crate S - Ice Blue
Colour Crate S - Khaki
Colour Crate S - Lavender
Colour Crate S - Lime
Colour Crate S - Plum

Stack Up!

Candl Stacks are designed to be placed on top of each other in order to create unique combinations. With each set containing a different set of stackable candles, where and how the candles move is completely up to you. 

The collection is produced by Belgian creative platform, Stan Editions, searching for a new innovative way of using candles.

Limited Candle Stack - Green & Yellow
Candle Stack 4 - Pink
Candle Stack 4 - Yellow
Candle Stack 4 - Red
Frotte Bath Towel - Dark Green
Frotte Bath Towel - Warm Yellow