Pilgrim Surf + Supply

Expertly blending a laidback exterior with a touch of outdoor flair, Pilgrim initially established themselves as a store in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC. Acting as a hub for the local surfers, creatives, and musicians, they introduced exciting brands to the community. As time passed, they expanded their business to include clothing production, utilising the resources of New York's garment district. Their partnership with Beams Japan has only grown stronger, with the Japanese outpost providing valuable insights and guidance for development and production.
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Russel Zip Parka - Navy
Longsleeve Pennant Tee - Off White
Salathe Solotex Climbing Pant - Navy
Pennant Checker Bandana - Navy
Salathe Twill Climbing Pant - Brown
Ripstop Sacoche - Navy
Zip Wallet - Navy