Sunray Sportswear

Designed in Newquay Cornwall and made in Japan. All the brand's pieces are knitted on an antique loopwheel machine -  putting quality over quantity.

Each T-shirt takes at least 90 minutes to make, and is produced slowly so that the cotton is laid down softly and without any form of tension to create a T-shirt without any side seams, making a piece that will never go out of shape.

13 results
Makaha Short Sleeve Tee - Indigo (Limited Edition)
Makaha Short Sleeve Tee - Dark Lichen Green
Makaha Short Sleeve Tee - Off White
Makaha Short Sleeve Tee - Dark Navy
Laniakea Crewneck Sweatshirt - Hawaiian Sunset
Makaha Long Sleeve Tee - White
Makaha Long Sleeve Tee - Indigo (Limited Edition)
Laniakea Crewneck Sweatshirt - Orchid Petal
Laniakea Crewneck Sweatshirt - Pastel Yellow
Laka SS - Orchid Petal
Laka Short Sleeve Tee - Barely Pink
Laka Short Sleeve Tee - Anthracite
Laka Short Sleeve Tee - Off White