Our Legacy

While Our Legacy's homepage says the fashion house was established in 1980-1981, it's in fact a much newer label, forming officially in 2005. While most brands are more concerned with what trends are most prominent, Our Legacy continues to focus on experimenting with fabric and fits, resulting in clothes that are “like a classic garment from your grandfather’s wardrobe, remodelled to fit our life and our time.”  

12 results
Box Shirt Shortsleeve - Peace Poster
Bonzo Keyring - Embroidered
Soul Shirt - Hippie Stripe
New Box Tee - White Clean Jersey
Sonar Roundneck Knit - Flower Stripe Linen
Borrowed Shirt - Red Stripe Structure
Dolphin Coat - Olive Hunting Wool
Dolphin Coat - Olive Hunting Wool
€280.00 €670.00
New Box Tee Shirt - Fishes In Suits
Base Roundneck Knit - Raw Wool Mix
Shawl Zip Shirt - Black
Shawl Zip Shirt - Black
€80.00 €230.00
Mono Runner - Black
Mono Runner - Black
€195.00 €390.00
Self Titled - A Book About Our Legacy