HAY is a Danish design company known for innovativeness, bold designs and high quality industrial manufacturing. Founded in 2002, HAY's products have a mass appeal to all ages, with their furniture, lighting and interior products becoming iconic pieces of modern Scandinavian design.
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Facade Tray - Terracotta
HAY Colour Crate Small - Arctic Blue
Colour Crate Wheels - Large (Set of 4)
Pillar Candle Medium - Blue
Waffle Hand Towel 50x100cm - Vibrant Blue
HAY Colour Crate Lid Large - Golden Yellow
HAY Colour Crate Lid Large - Dark Blue
Candle Long Mix (Set of 6) - Dark Peach, Dark Rose, Light Rose
Chim Chim Scent Diffuser - Dark Terracotta
Chops Toothbrush - Natural
Duo Duvet Cover (260 x 240cm) - Grey
Pillar Candle Large - Ochre
Pillar Candle Small - Electric Blue
HAY Colour Crate Mix Small - Lavender
Kaleido Small - Dusty Blue
Kaleido Medium - Dusty Yellow
HAY Phaidon Book
Sobremesa Serving Bowl Large - Yellow
Sobremesa Tablecloth - White
Sobremesa Napkin Set of 4 - White (W45 x L45)
Flare Tall Rainbow - Pink/Green/Yellow
Trio Bath Sheet - Lavender
Outline Napkins Set of 4 - Cream (W40 x L40)
Apollo Portable Lamp - White
Colour Sticks Set of 6 - Multi
Recycled Candy Stripe Bag XL - Blue, Red and White
Outline Napkins Set of 4 - Verdigris Green (W40 x L40)
Outline Tablecloth - Verdigris Green (W140 x L250)
Outline Tablecloth - Cream (W140 x L250)
Moroccan Vase L - Blue and Green
HAY Colour Crate Large - Golden Yellow
Neon Tube LED - Red
Six-Colour Bag M - No. 7
2-in-1 Serving Set - Light Blue and Aqua
Borosilicate Jar S - Jade Green
Borosilicate Jar M - Clear
Flare Stripe - Light blue with White
Half and Half Chopping Board - Blue
Half and Half Chopping Board - Pink
Sowden Juicer - Yellow
Fonte Candleholder L - Black
Ruban Rectangular M Mirror - Light Blue
Shade Bin 14 L - Off White
Soft Ice Cereal Bowl - Green
Soft Ice Lunch Plate - Green
Candle Long Mix (Set of 6) - Lilac, Light Blue, Dark Peach
Neon Tube LED Slim 50 - Warm White
Neon Tube LED Slim 120 Yellow
88 results