HAY is a Danish design company known for innovativeness, bold designs and high quality industrial manufacturing. Founded in 2002, HAY's products have a mass appeal to all ages, with their furniture, lighting and interior products becoming iconic pieces of modern Scandinavian design.
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Splash Vase Roll Neck M - White Dot
Six-Colour Bag L (Max 20kg) - No. 3
Neon Tube LED Slim 120 - Pink
Colour Crate S - Khaki
Tin by Sowden - Pink
Fonte Candleholder L - Black
Ruban Rectangular M Mirror - Light Blue
Tube Candleholder S - Lilac
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Colour Crate M - Light Blue
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Shade Bin 14 L - Off White
Jessica Hans Mug - Melting Pot
Soft Ice Cereal Bowl - Green
Soft Ice Lunch Plate - Green
PC Portable Lamp - Olive
Candle Twist (Set of 6) - Green, Light Blue, Light Grey
Candle Long Mix (Set of 6) - Mint, Light Grey, Green
Candle Long Mix (Set of 6) - Lilac, Light Blue, Dark Peach
Neon Tube LED Slim 50 - Yellow
Neon Tube LED Slim 50 - Warm White
Neon Tube LED Slim 120 - Warm White
Neon Tube LED Slim 120 Yellow
Arcs Shade - Mirror
Tube Candleholder M - Mint
Tint Wine Glasses Set of 2 - Pink and Yellow
Glass S - Clear
Glass S - Clear
Arcs Candleholder S - Cobalt Blue
HAY Yatzy - Blue
HAY Yatzy - Blue
Indian Steel Pitcher - Stainless Steel
W&S Vase - Chubby Soft Yellow
Italian ice Cup - Stainless Steel
Utility Scissors - Black
Salt & Pepper L - Light Grey
Salt & Pepper M - Terracotta
Steel Lunch Box - Round 3 Layers
Tea Towel S&B - No 2 Marker Diamond
Facade Herb Pot M - Dark Terracotta
Mini Swirl Candle Set of 10 - White
Arcs Vase - Mirror
Arcs Vase - Mirror
Arcs Candleholder S - Mirror
W&S Candleholder - Lavender
Peas Cotton Backing - Soft Grey (200 x 140cm)
Colour Crate M - Navy
Colour Crate M - Light Yellow
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Botanical Family Saucer L - Brass
Recycled Candy Stripe Bag M - Green & Red
Recycled Candy Stripe Bag XL - Blue & Green
Toothbrush Container - Dark Green
Toothbrush Container - Mint
138 results