HAY is a Danish design company known for innovativeness, bold designs and high quality industrial manufacturing. Founded in 2002, HAY's products have a mass appeal to all ages, with their furniture, lighting and interior products becoming iconic pieces of modern Scandinavian design.
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Indian Steel Pitcher - Stainless Steel
HAY Dogs Bed - Small Multi
HAY Dogs Scarf 55x55 - Light Blue
HAY Dogs Rope Toy - Blue, Purple, Ochre
HAY Dogs Rope Toy - Red, Turquoise, Off-white
HAY Dogs Scarf 55x55 - Ochre
Barro Plate Butter Dish - Pink
Barro Plate Set of 2 Ø24 - Green
Paper Cube Floor Light - White
Paper Cube Table Light - White
Standard Fitting Sheet - White (140 x 200cm)
Outline Pillow Case - Vivid Blue (70 x 50cm)
Outline Duvet Cover - Vivid Blue (200 x 200cm)
Mono Bath Sheet - White
Mono Hand Towel - White
Mono Bath Towel - White
Canopy Umbrella - Clear
Barro Cup Set of 2 - Natural
Barro Plate set of 2 Ø18 - Off White
Candle Spiral - Tangerine
Candle Soft Twist - Warm Yellow
Candle Soft Twist - Sky Blue
Sobremesa Jug - Green
Glass Spoons Spice Set of 2 - Aubergine and Light Pink
Glass Spoons Spice Set of 3 - Amber, Light Pink & White
Tint Wine Glass Set of 2 - Clear
Borosilicate Mug Set of 2 - Jade Yellow
Tavern Glass Medium - Clear
Waffle Bathrobe -  Dusty Blue Multi
HAY Colour Crate Mix Small - Golden Yellow
HAY Dogs Leash - Braided Blue, Off White
Mono Blanket - Ultramarine
HAY Dogs Bowl Small - Blue, Red
HAY Dogs Bowl Large - Blue, Yellow
HAY Dogs Scarf 55x55 - Off White
HAY Dogs Scarf 55x55 - Red
HAY Dogs Leash - Braided Lavender, Green
Candy Stripe Bag XL - Multi
Sip Swirl Straw Set of 4 - Opaque Mix
Sip Cocktail Straw Set of 4 - Opaque Mix
French Press Brewer - Clear
Jessica Hans Shadow Vase - Black and White
Jessica Hans Vase - Miró
Splash Vase Roll Neck - White Dot
Outline Pyjama Trousers M/L - Vivid Blue
Outline Pyjama Trousers - Soft Yellow
Outline Pyjama L/S Shirt M/L- Vivid Blue
Outline Pyjama Longsleeve Shirt- Soft Yellow
132 results