HAY is a Danish design company known for innovativeness, bold designs and high quality industrial manufacturing. Founded in 2002, HAY's products have a mass appeal to all ages, with their furniture, lighting and interior products becoming iconic pieces of modern Scandinavian design.
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Flare - Yellow
Flare - Yellow
Pillar Candle M - Mint
Pillar Candle M - Blue
Pillar Candle S - Lavender
Pillar Candle L - Yellow
Colour Crate S - Soft Pink
Colour Crate M - Navy
Frotte Bath Towel - Dark Green
Twist Dish Cloth and Towel - Sky Blue
Sunday Fork Set of 5 - Stainless Steel
Borosilicate Mug Set of 2 - Pink with White Handle (300ml)
Borosilicate Mug Set of 2 - Light Grey with Pink Handle (200ml)
Flare Medium - Blue with Red Lid
Glass Spoon Round Set Of Two - Aubergine & Light Pink
Colour Crate S - Dusty Green
Colour Crate M - Light Blue
Glass Coffee Mug 400ml - Clear
Borosilicate Mug - Pink (300ml)
Flare Medium - Pink with Blue Lid
Chim Chim Scent Diffuser - Beige
Chim Chim Scent Diffuser - Blue
Flare Tall - Yellow
Tray S - Rainbow
Tray S - Rainbow
Leo Sponge - Mint
Door Mat - Blue
Door Mat - Blue
Colour Crate M - Light Yellow
Splash Vase Round L - White Dot
Tin by Sowden - Yellow
W&S Vase - Chubby Olive Green
Botanical Family Pot L - Brass
Ruban Rectangular S Mirror - Blue Stripe
Crinkle Stripe Plaid Blanket - Grey
Crinkle Stripe Plaid Blanket - Cappuccino
Waffle Tea Towel (Set of 2) - Cool Rose & Midnight Blue
Tray L -  Rainbow
Tray L - Rainbow
Jessica Hans Mug - Melting Pot
Jessica Hans Mug - Sherbet
Jessica Hans Mug - Green Cow
Sunday Tea Spoon Set of 5 - Stainless Steel
Sunday Spoon Set of 5 - Stainless Steel
Sunday Knife Set of 5 - Stainless Steel
Sunday Serving Spoon Set of 2 - Stainless Steel
Frotte Bath Towel - Warm Yellow
PC Portable Lamp - Dusty Red
Colour Crate S - Plum
Colour Crate S - Lime
Colour Crate S - Ice Blue
Sip Spiral Straw 4 Pcs - Multi
122 results