J. Hill's Standard Glassware

J. Hill's Standard handmade crystal glassware is made in Waterford, Ireland. The brand's pieces marry contemporary design and traditional Irish craftsmanship, celebrating the progressive, the time-honoured and the handmade. A counter-movement to the mass production of things, they take care to work with exceptional designers to create beautiful, useful and long-lived objects that will be part of your own and your family’s rituals for generations to come.
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Hot Step - Blown Glass
Row Tumbler - Vertical Lines
Over Carafe - Unpolished
Row Votive - Vertical Lines
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Hot Step - Porcelain Red
Over Decanter - Unpolished
Row Carafe - Vertical Lines
Hot Step - Porcelain Ochre
Sold Out
Row Decanter - Vertical Lines
Over Tumbler Straight - Unpolished
Over Tumbler Straight - Polished