Universal Works

Universal Works champion skilled, small-scale production. They produce garments in the right place, both in the UK and overseas, working only with factories they trust, admire and are proud to be associated with. They are happy and proud to be an independent, small company, always approaching their own work with passion and a sense of humour.
12 results
Travail Overshirt - Dark Navy Ospina Cotton
Road Short Sleeve Shirt - Navy Tile Cotton
Military Chino - Dark Navy Ospina Cotton
Camp II Longsleeve Shirt - White Delos Cotton
Recycled Poly Tech Bakers Jacket - Navy
Road Shirt - Brown Stripe Linen
Recycled Poly Tech Parachute Short - Navy
Pullover SS Shirt - Navy Gingham Seersucker
Bakers Overshirt - Birch Organic Fine Poplin
Hi Water Trouser - Navy Summer Canvas
Recycled Poly Parachute Liner Gilet - Navy
Lumber Shorts - Navy Tile 1 Cotton