Norse Projects

Since 2004, Norse Projects has drawn upon its Scandinavian roots to inform a design language that supports an infrastructure for a highly adaptable wardrobe. Ceaselessly crafting what the brand is today is only possible thanks to the endeavours of a diverse team of talented individuals from all over the world whose passion and creativity define Norse Projects and its values.
19 results
Tyge Cotton Linen Overshirt - Spruce Green
Lukas Relaxed Wave Dye - Black
Ivan Relaxed Textured Check SS Shirt - Oatmeal
Rollo Cotton Linen SS Shirt - Clay
Carsten Travel Light Shirt - Spruce Green
Johannes N Logo T-shirt - Dusk Purple
Jon Tech Merino SS Polo - Dark Navy
Benn Relaxed Light Wool Pleated Trouser - Dark Navy
Ulrik Wave Dye Overshirt - Black
Ezra Relaxed Organic Stretch Twill Trouser - Spruce Green
Teis Tech Merino Wool Sweater - Sand
Korso Travel Light Harrington Jacket - Black
Carsten Light Wool LS Shirt - Dark Navy
Ivan Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt Monogram - Blue Stripe
Algot Oxford Monogram Shirt - Spruce Green
Carsten Cotton Tercel Shirt - Enamel White
Ezra Solotex - Stone
Merino Lambswool Beanie - Truffle
Johannes Organic Canal Print Tee - White