Over Tumbler Straight - Unpolished


The Over Collection by Nigel Peake. A joy to hold and to gift. The series Hand Drawn Glass, designed and hand drawn by Irish illustrator Nigel Peake, explores a spontaneous approach to glass cutting. The pieces feature clean, elemental shapes, and use a spontaneous cutting motion that captures the fleeting movement of the drawing hand.

Known for his paintings and drawings of built and unbuilt landscapes - interpreted in his books, textiles, porcelain and glass, Nigel has created a series of three tumblers of various sizes, a carafe, a decanter and a series of wood tops made by Gavin Rea (County Down) that can transform the pieces into containers at your will.

J. Hill's Standard handmade crystal glassware is made in Waterford, Ireland. The brand's pieces marry contemporary design and traditional Irish craftsmanship, celebrating the progressive, the time-honoured and the handmade. A counter-movement to the mass production of things, they take care to work with exceptional designers to create beautiful, useful and long-lived objects that will be part of your own and your family’s rituals for generations to come.