Hot Step - Porcelain Ochre


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The Hop Step family come in kiln cast glass, blown glass, porcelain and stone.
This piece is the pivotal one. The name comes from the initial sketched gesture that designer, Aldo Bakker needed to get out. A bouncing tick. A hop and a step.

The movement gives the piece its life. Making the final piece in cast crystal is complex, each stage, from building the moulds to hand-sculpting the final piece is slow and precise. Figuring it out involved a two-year research process with Richard Whiteley of Corning Studio, into the making of Hop Step and Moustache. Richard is an artist and teacher at Corning. His work focuses primarily on cast glass and explores voids as the primary constructive agent. In his words: ‘The works are built from the inside out; voids are ordered first and external structures are built to encapsulate these spaces. The works explore negative space using glass as a substrate’. Future editions will be made at our studio in Ireland as the ultimate goal is the development and transfer of skills.

  • Aldo Bakker
  • 2021
  • Porcelain
  • 171 x 74 x 127 mm
  • Studio Zand
  • Erik & Petra Hesmerg