Updating Your Interior Decor This New Year With HAY Homeware Products

Once the festive season is over and the Christmas decorations have come down, your home can feel bare and this often leads to people investing in new products to lift the space and, in turn, their spirits too. For many homeowners, the start of a new year is the perfect time to re-evaluate their living space as well and it isn’t uncommon for people to invest in new homeware products to help ensure their property is somewhere that will inspire them this upcoming year. 

There are a number of different ways you can ensure that your interior decor is cosy, comfortable and full of texture, yet still stylish and minimalistic, and it all comes down to purchasing the right homeware products. When searching for items for the rooms in your house, it is undeniably beneficial to look at the Danish design company HAY. As a brand, HAY is known for creating high-quality and beautiful products that are functional and perfect for modern living. 

No matter what your current interior design may be like or what you’re wanting to achieve, you can trust that HAY will have homeware products and pieces of furniture that are perfect for your house. If you’re looking for some inspiration in this regard, below are some of HAY’s products that are accessible to all and which will also appeal to all ages. So, why not invest in some of the following for your property this year.  

Throws and blankets 

This is arguably one of the most commonly used homeware accessories and many will have throws or blankets in lots of different rooms in their property. Whether they’re draped over a chair, sofa, ottoman or bed, they are more than simply functional, they can make a style statement too. 

When accessorising a room, adding something like HAY’s green or red mohair blanket will instantly add colour, pattern and warmth to a space. With their thick tufted texture and fringed ends, this blanket doesn’t just look luxurious, but it is cosy and will get a lot of use too. 

Candles and lamps 

Another simple, yet incredibly effective, way to change both the look and feel of a space is with light. Whether you add modern minimalistic lamps, such as the beautiful ‘turn-on’ lamp which is made from aluminium and opal glass, or an eye-catching candle, such as the pillar candle ‘M’ with striking colour combinations and staggered dimensions, it can have a real impact.

Lighting can easily be atmospheric and help you to create a distinctive mood in a space, so you can use a variety of HAY products throughout different rooms in your home. You can also make as much of a statement as you’d like with these versatile and frequently seen products. 

Ornaments and decorative items 

Whether your coffee table is sitting unused, your kitchen island is bare or your shelves are empty, the selection of ornaments and decorative items available to help you fill these spaces are limitless. These products are undeniably one of the best ways to add personality to a space. 

Choosing decorative pieces that you love will help you to bring a room to life and from blue twisted glass knot miniature sculptures to natural wooden hand ornaments, it is easy to select products that perfectly complement your room. Something as simple as stacking items on a tray can be really effective too. 

Glasses, bowls and carafes 

Often, it is assumed that tableware products such as glasses and bowls are to be kept in the cupboard and only used at the dinner table, but this definitely isn’t the case. It is becoming incredibly common for homeowners to use appealing tableware as accessories too. 

For example, you could place a beautiful shaped carafe, like HAY’s glass carafe with a domed form and sleek funnel, with some tumbler glasses on a shelving unit or a side table simply for decoration. You will be surprised just how versatile these products can be around the home. 

Purchasing HAY furniture in Ireland 

Should you be wanting to spruce up your interior decor this year, it is fair to say that HAY really does have some beautiful modern products that can be used throughout the home. Whether you’re focusing on communal areas like your living room or kitchen, or you’d like to transform your home office, for example, you can turn to HAY for all of the different pieces you need to make the space somewhere you love and it is always worthwhile exploring their ranges. 

When searching for somewhere to purchase HAY furniture in Ireland, be sure to visit the Indigo & Cloth website. We are incredibly proud to have collaborated with HAY and we stock a huge range of their products in our unique retail store. Even if you’re not local to Ireland and you’re unable to visit us in Dublin to pick the products you like from HAY’s collection, you can still shop the full range online. With a number of shipping options available, we strive to offer the best and fastest possible service to those who are shopping at our online store. If you have any questions at all in this regard, don’t hesitate to contact us today.