The Leading Menswear Brands that you Didn’t Know About

For many people, the process in which they choose the clothes that they wish to buy is based solely on the branding. Whilst this is all well-and-good, it does open the door to the possibility of being left with clothes that might have a prominent label, but are sub-par from a quality perspective. 

Rather than limit yourself, you should be willing to try new things. Here at Indigo & Cloth, we strive to give our customers access to fantastic menswear lines that are perhaps a little more obscure. Below, you can find a few examples that we think could be just what you have been looking for.  

Our Legacy

With sixteen years of experience under their belts, it is safe to say that Our Legacy are well-versed in the trends that come-and-go within the fashion industry. Theirs is a brand that is built upon taking vintage designs, and revamping them for use in the modern world. If you were, for instance, to their Archive Box Jacket, you would simultaneously be able to remain warm and comfortable, yet also make a statement when leaving the house.

Universal Works

There are some fashion-based companies that are always looking to try and take the next step on the ladder - the same cannot be said for Universal Works. This is an independent manufacturer that is thrilled with its current position, and is not looking to change a thing. A quick glance at either their Three Button Jacket or Utility Short Sleeve Shirt will reveal to you that they are more-than capable of producing desirable wares.


As the name suggests, Paraboot is a company that solely focuses on your choice of footwear. Choose a poor set of shoes to wear in the morning, and your day has already gotten off to a bad start. However, this won’t be a problem when you decide to give Paraboot a try. What sets this brand apart is the excellent way in which they are able to pair a beautiful exterior with a comfortable sole. This, it has to be said, is what makes the Lisse Cafe set such a fantastic option; that, and they can be worn for all-manner of social occasions.


Although you might argue that this is less a menswear brand, and more a manufacturer of male-oriented bags, the fact remains that Sandqvist is home to high-quality accessories that you would do-well to respect. Whether you are heading to work and need somewhere to keep your valuable documents, or simply need a going-out bag to store your valuables, this is a company that has you covered. In particular, we recommend inspecting the Hege Backpack and Sven Briefcase - these are the epitome of style and sophistication, a combination that is highly sought-after.

A Word About Us

Whether you are walking down the high street or doing some casual browsing online, we promise that there will be countless menswear stores that tell you they possess the leading clothing in the country. Thankfully, you don’t have to trouble yourself too-much about finding the right brand - all that you need to do is to put your faith into Indigo & Cloth. 

When you start to explore our catalogue, it will not be long before you discover various items that take your fancy. It does not matter if you need limited edition swim shorts, or long-sleeve shirts that are appropriate for the workplace; we won’t disappoint you. Any of you reading this that are interested in placing an order with us, can do so by writing to our team today at