Our Legacy: Which Product Is Right For You?

Anyone that has tried to purchase brand-new clothes recently will understand the amount of stress and hassle that can be generated through this relatively-simple task. The issue lies in the fact that there is a seemingly-endless number of pages through which you can browse; whatsmore, there is quality across the board, which does not make your life any easier. That being said, Our Legacy has seen a huge spike in popularity in recent years, and that is why Indigo & Cloth want to point you in the direction of their finest garments.

An Introduction To Our Legacy

In the sixteen years since they first opened for business, it has become abundantly clear that Our Legacy has no-plans in settling for second-best. Despite operating predominantly out of Sweden, the success that they have achieved means that their clothing can now be found across the globe. To put it simply, they have tried to reinvent old-fashioned outfits in such a way that means that they are relevant today. This is an incredibly difficult feat to pull-off, yet they have navigated all of the obstacles that have stood in their way.   

Archive Box Jacket

When it comes to making a grand-entrance at a party or similarly-important social event, you can be rest-assured that the Archive Box Jacket that Our Legacy has developed is a sure-fire way in which to get heads turning. The design is not over-the-top, with the majority of the jacket being made from black wool. However, the penetrating darkness of this colour is what makes it such an appealing option. When you combine this with a set of equally-dark trousers, you are left with a recipe for success.


If you were to take the time to flick-through any top-of-the-range fashion magazine, it would not take long for you to spot that a large-number of the models are pictured wearing hats of some description. These accessories are forever in-style, mainly due to the fact that they come in a wide-array of designs. From Our Legacy, it is the classic Ballcap that should catch your eye. Despite being relatively basic in terms of aesthetics, you should not regard this in a negative light. Instead, you should appreciate the fact that it does not draw-attention away from your face.

Pillow Tote

Contrary to popular belief, Our Legacy are not solely-proficient in designing top-tier clothing items. A prime example of a departure from this is their Pillow Tote; if you are someone that appreciates minimalism, this is a bag that you need to add to your collection. The adjustable handles mean that you can remain comfortable whilst carrying your valuables around, whilst the internal pockets ensure that storage is not going to be a problem for you in the long-run. 

What Can We Do For You?

It should, by now, have become clear that this Stockholm-based label is not one that you want to overlook without a second glance. If you were to put your faith into Our Legacy, you can be rest-assured that they would pay you back tenfold. The quality of their clothes are second-to-none, and you would do well to remember this. For those of you that are looking to grasp the opportunity of reinventing your style with both hands, you will no-doubt be pleased to hear that Indigo & Cloth is here to help. With fourteen years of experience under our belts, we will have no-trouble catering to your needs. Why not drop us a message today at info@indigoandcloth.com, and allow us a moment to offer information about our best-selling products?