Menswear Clothing Brands To Invest In For Spring/Summer 2021

It is incredibly common for people to have ‘two wardrobes’, so to speak. Many people will have a number of pieces that they wear during the autumn/winter months and a whole other collection of clothing that they wear during the spring/summer months. At this time of year, these people will be starting to swap their wardrobes around in preparation for the warmer days that we’re expecting, and hoping for, in the next few months.  

When doing so, many will also take the time to invest in some new pieces for their wardrobe, purchasing items that are currently on-trend or replacing basics that they had to throw away at the end of the season last year. If you’re keen to update your spring/summer wardrobe this year and you’re looking for some quality menswear clothing brands to invest in, keep reading today. Below is a list of brands you can always rely on for men’s clothes. 


Founded by a small group of people based in Stockholm and New York, Schnaydermans was created with the ambition of making a handcrafted wardrobe available to all. When you’re looking for fine fabrics, classic colours and contemporary cuts, this is a brilliant menswear clothing brands to turn to and their pieces are the basic staples that everyone needs in their wardrobe. Their oxford shirt is definitely a must-buy that can be worn all year round. 

A Kind of Guise 

Only working with ethically produced materials, A Kind of Guise creates men’s clothing that looks and feels amazing. They produce seasonal collections, which are released twice a year, made by highly skilled local manufacturers in Germany in limited numbers, and they also have ‘never out of stock’ products for your daily wardrobe too. Their designs are contemporary yet timeless and classy yet functional, making them brilliant additions to any wardrobe. 

Reception Clothing

Based in Lyon, France, Reception Clothing produces pieces that are perfect for everyday wear. Their menswear clothing brand is a combination of people, time and places, and they are all about experience and emotion. Their designs are made almost as souvenirs to pay tribute to the restaurants they have visited over time with incredible food and warm atmospheres. This is a really unique brand, but one that has a number of pieces that are perfect for spring/summer. 

Portuguese Flannel

There is no better brand to turn to for shirts and Portuguese Flannel has a number of incredible designs that deserve a place in your wardrobe. This menswear clothing brand uses exclusive fabrics that are produced in a traditional way and they don’t follow trends, their collections are inspired by genuine people, resulting in timeless designs. Portuguese Flannel shirts are made by master craftsmen in the old towns of northern Portugal and they are of the highest quality.

Norse Projects

Following its Scandinavian roots, Norse Projects creates men’s clothing that is incredibly versatile and fits into absolutely any wardrobe. All of the pieces that you will find within this brand’s collections can be worn time and time again, in many different ways, and they are all undeniably a brilliant investment. Their diverse team of talented individuals from all over the world creates a highly adaptable wardrobe of staple pieces you simply can’t live without. 

Shopping quality menswear clothing brands this year 

There is no denying that whether you’re looking for staples like polo shirts and tee shirts or if you’d like some new statement pieces, you can turn to any of the menswear clothing brands mentioned above and purchase from them in confidence knowing that you will receive high-quality pieces. Together, these brands cover such a vast range of styles and pieces, so you shouldn’t struggle to find everything you’re looking for when you turn to them. 

Whenever you’re wanting to purchase men’s clothes, be sure to check out the Indigo & Cloth website. Here you will find pieces from all of the different brands mentioned above and there is a brilliant selection of spring/summer pieces currently available on our online store. We also have a unique retail setting in Temple Bar, Dublin too and you’re welcome to browse through the menswear, lifestyle and design products that we offer in person if you’d prefer to do so.