Schnaydermans - which means, tailor-man - was founded by a small group of people based in Stockholm and New York, with the ambition to create a crisp, handcrafted wardrobe available to all. The brand's key ingredients are fine fabrics and classic colours in a contemporary cut. The oxford shirt is the brand's foundation and believe it should function as the cornerstone in everyone’s wardrobe - so effortless and versatile in its use.
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Virgin Wool Notch Overshirt - Walnut
Mohair Crew Neck Knit - Army Green
Oxford One Shirt - Blue
Notch Denim Shirt - Black/Grey
Notch Denim Shirt - Black/Grey
€90.00 €180.00
Overdyed Button Down Shirt - Cadmium Red
Oxford Shirt Indigo Stripe - Blue and White
Leisure Poplin One Garment Dyed Button Down - Laurel Oak