Decorative HAY Products To Use In Your Living Space

When decorating their home, after choosing a colour scheme, painting the walls, laying new flooring and installing furniture, many homeowners still feel as though something is missing. Often, whilst they will have covered all of the basics of their interior design, they will have forgotten about the added extras that make a house a home, and it is these finishing touches that add personality and life into a space. 

Thankfully, if your main living space is feeling a bit flat, so to speak, there are so many brilliant decorative products that you can purchase to give it the lift that it needs. When looking for homeware products, HAY is the perfect brand to turn to and they have a number of contemporary items to choose from. HAY is a Danish design brand that specialises in high-quality, beautiful and functional products for modern living. Below we have listed some of their must-have items for your home. 

Candles and candle holders 

One of the easiest ways to add some life into a room is to use decorative candles and candle holders. Not only will these add visual interest to your living space, but if you choose to light the candles, they can make the area feel more cosy, intimate and inviting too. You can use candles almost anywhere and HAY has a brilliant selection to choose from. Their twisted candles or conical candles in their W&S candle holder or Flare candle holder is perfect for any home. 


Every living space should have some plants or flowers for decoration and they really can make a room feel more homely, of course, they complement any type of interior designs too. By themselves, flowers are naturally beautiful and elegant, but when you put them into a decorative vase, you can make a real style statement. When it comes to choosing a vase for your flowers, HAY’s W&S vase is a brilliant choice, their glass carafe also makes a stunning chic vase too. 


Even if you’re wanting a minimalist look and feel to your living space, you will still need to have some items on display otherwise you will find that it has a ‘show home’ feel instead. If you don’t have anything sentimental or personal that you’d like to display, HAY has a number of beautiful ornaments that can add texture and contrast to your home. Their decor hand, W&S boulder bookend and/or knot ornament can work brilliantly in various locations.  

Trays and bowls 

It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to use trays and bowls in their living space and they aren’t just for functional use in the kitchen any more. They will instantly add visual interests into a living space and also be a useful addition to the area too, providing you with somewhere to place all of your essentials. HAY’s Soft Ice bowl or Fleck bowl is perfect for any modern interior, as is their golden tray S or Kaleido tray

Scent diffuser 

When you’re adding decorative products to your living space, arguably, one of the best items you can purchase is a scent diffuser. Not only will a well-designed diffuser look amazing in your home, but of course, it will make sure that it smells amazing too. You can enlighten your senses by adding HAY’s Chim Chim scent diffuser, which is inspired by the idea of a miniature fireplace, to your living space and it pairs perfectly with oil burner blends from Aesop.  

Sourcing HAY in Ireland 

There really is no denying that there are a number of brilliant decorative HAY products to choose from when you’re wanting to add some personality to your living space this year and it is easy to see why HAY designs are so popular. Whether you’re looking to fill some gaps in your shelving unit or make your coffee table more interesting, you will never struggle to find the perfect pieces within HAY’s homeware collections. 

If you’re searching for somewhere you can get your hands on HAY in Ireland, be sure to check out the Indigo & Cloth online store. We have collaborated with HAY and we are proud to stock an impressive selection of some of their most sought-after products. Whether you shop online via our website or visit our unique retail store, you will be able to pick up all of the decorative HAY homeware products that you need to bring your home to life. There is no better way to shop HAY in Ireland than with us.