Aesop Products That Are Worthwhile Investing In This Spring

Throughout the year, it is important to ensure that you’re taking care of yourself in a number of different ways and it is fair to say that using skin, hair and body care products on a regular basis is incredibly beneficial. As we head into the new year, many will find themselves searching for new products to add to their daily/weekly routine and thankfully, there is one brand that you can always rely on when you’re in need of new products; Aesop

Aesop was established back in 1987 and since then they have been formulating skin, hair and body care products of the highest quality and efficacy that are created with meticulous attention to detail. Unlike a number of other brands, they source ingredients from the most reputable suppliers across the globe and they also investigate widely to source plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, ensuring their products continually deliver. 

There are a number of new skin, hair and body care products brought to the market on a regular basis, yet Aesop prides themselves on only launching new products in response to the genuine needs of their customers. If you’re interested in purchasing some new products this spring, below are some of the most sought after and sworn-by items that are worthwhile investing in. 

Aesop hand care 

Whilst it is undeniably easy to overlook, hand care is more important than ever before and using a selection of Aesop hand care products on a daily basis will provide your hands with the TLC they disservice. Aside from the obvious hand washes, Aesop also provides cleansers and balms that are designed to not only hydrate, but nourish and soften your hard-working hands too. 

Like other Aesop products, their hand care selection has unique woody aromas and they are created with botanical extracts. One of the must-have Aesop hand care products this year is their resurrection rinse-free hand wash. This alcohol-based formulation has purifying properties and it is perfect for cleaning the hands when fresh-water is unavailable. Whilst it is able to effectively clean your hands, it is also non-drying and full of hydrating properties too. 

Aesop body care 

Almost everyone will use a number of different body care products on a daily basis, whether these are cleaners and scrubs in the shower or oils, balms and lotions before bed. Taking care of your skin should be a priority and thankfully, the Aesop products make it easy to do so as they’re enriched with skin-nourishing ingredients which will keep your skin soft and smooth throughout the upcoming winter months. 

There is a huge selection of Aesop body care products that are considered essential and they can be used together to create the perfect body care routine, some of their lotions even contain SPF too. When stocking up on body care items, be sure to consider the Aesop roll-on deodorant and herbal spray deodorant too, both of which are made with a blend of essential oils to reduce and mask unpleasant odour.

Aesop hair care 

Choosing a shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t just clean your hair but that also looks after your scalp and prevents damage being caused to your hair can feel impossible. Many commercial brands strip moisture from your hair, but Aesop hair care products are gentle yet efficacious and cleanse the whole of your hair from the root to the bottom of the hair shaft.  

As well as purchasing an Aesop shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for your individual hair type, it is also worthwhile investing in a hair balm too. Take the violet leaf hair balm, for example, not only does this nourish and hydrate your hair, but as a shaping balm, it also assists when styling hard-to-manage hair. For many, this will make day-to-day hair maintenance so much easier and it won’t damage your hair in the process. 

Purchasing Aesop products in Dublin 

Ultimately, when wanting to invest in new skin, hair and body care products, there is no denying that you can always rely on Aesop to supply you with the essentials that you require. Their vast collection is made up of products that are both sustainable and affordable, and you can always purchase from their brand in confidence knowing that you will be receiving products that are formulated with both safety and efficacy in mind. 

If you’re searching for somewhere to purchase Aesop products from in Dublin, be sure to visit the Indigo & Cloth website. Not only do we have a unique retail store that you can visit to purchase any of the Aesop products that you’re interested in, but we also have an online store too from which we ship internationally. We offer our customers a contemporary curation of international and local menswear, lifestyle and design products, and we look forward to providing you with the range of products that you’re looking for.