A Guide To Putting-Together The Perfect Outfit

Although many people have tried, the fact of the matter is that creating what is considered to be the ‘perfect’ outfit is easier said than done, not least because everyone’s preferences are different. Having built-up a reputation as one of the country’s most-prominent clothing retailers, the Indigo & Cloth experts believe that they have the experience and expertise necessary to guide you through this hazardous endeavour. If you would like to achieve a first-class outcome, we recommend that you follow our advice - it could potentially change your life for the better.


Starting from the ground up, we believe that your first point-of-call when trying to create a memorable outfit should be your choice of shoes. You would be amazed at the number of people that judge someone that they are meeting for the first time on their shoes. If you want to try and make a positive initial impression, this is not a decision to take lightly. For casual occasions, a pair of canvas would not go amiss. Should you be preparing to attend a sophisticated dinner party, you might wish to turn your attention to some leather brown polidos.


Once you have determined what your preferred footwear is going to be, it could be time to take a look out of the window and determine what the weather is like. This is because there is a range of men’s options when it comes to the bottom half of your outfit. Slim-fit navy chinos, for instance, are ideal if you are trying to stay warm, although olive shorts are considered to be fashionable all-year-long.


When you first walk into a typical department store, it is highly-likely that you will want to immediately go and shop through the various tops that are available. This, after all, is considered to be the focal point of your entire outfit, and where you will be willing to splash-out a little more. Regardless of if it is rain or shine, we wish to point you in the direction of the platigrya print shirt. From the moment that you walk into a room, you can be rest-assured that all eyes will be on you.


If you are someone that does not fully-appreciate the impact that accessories can have on an outfit, the likelihood is that you are only just beginning to appreciate the world of fashion. Whilst following the steps depicted above can get you to a certain stage, to stop would be to accept that casual clothing is what suits you. However, if you want to truly stand-out as a fashion icon, it is important that you try to accessorise. You could, for instance, purchase a stylish backpack, which will sit upon your shoulders whilst out-and-about; alternatively, now may be the time to start browsing through a great range of ballcaps.

Take The Next Step

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