Premium Jersey Cloth

Jersey was first produced on the Channel Islands, hence the name ‘Jersey’. It was first considered as a clothing material as it was used for underwear and Fisherman sweaters. Jersey is a knitted fabric, which gives its elasticity. This makes for a comfortable fabrication for clothing. Depending on the weight and fabric choice, Jersey is something you can wear throughout the entire year. 

Jersey fibres are closely knitted together, making Jersey extremely durable. This is why it is most commonly seen in sweatshirts, tee shirts and knitwear. As a result, Jersey garments are a great option for everyday wear.

Check out this season's Jersey options below.

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Gro Standard Cotton Tee - White
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Laniakea Crewneck Sweatshirt - Pastel Yellow
Laniakea Crewneck Sweatshirt - Orchid Petal
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Another Scarf 1.0 - Beige/Brown Stripe
Another Scarf 1.0 - Red
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Another Scarf 1.0 - Red
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Makaha Short Sleeve Tee - Off White
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Makaha Short Sleeve Tee - Dark Navy
Makaha Short Sleeve Tee - Dark Lichen Green
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Laniakea Crewneck Sweatshirt - Hawaiian Sunset
Makaha Short Sleeve Tee - Indigo (Limited Edition)
Makaha Long Sleeve Tee - White
Makaha Long Sleeve Tee - Indigo (Limited Edition)
Another Cardigan 1.0 - Caramel
Bruno Alpaca Half Zip Knit - Charcoal
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Another Bandana 1.0 - Bottle Green
Another Shirt 2.0 - Brown Gun Club
Another Shirt 2.1 - Natural
Another Shirt 3.0 - Capri Blue
Another Tee Shirt 2.0 - Brown/Navy