Anatome are passionate about the apothecaries of old that dispensed herbal remedies, potions and lotions to support health + wellbeing. By working with botanicals and essential oils, they want to update and reinvent the apothecary for a new generation. The result is Anatomē, products to support your wellbeing.

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Purifying Organic Soap Bar - Activated Charcoal
Recovery + Sleep Candle (12.3oz)
Recovery + Sleep Pillow Spray (50ml)
Nourishing Organic Soap Bar - Manuka Honey
Energy + Strength Essential Oil Blend (100ml)
Cognitive Focus + Memory Support - 60 Capsules
Muscle Recovery + Maintenance BCAA - 90 Capsules
Nourishing Hand & Body Moisturiser (250ml)
Invigorating Hand & Body Wash (250ml)
Recovery + Sleep Essential Oil Blend - Cornish Lavender (100ml)
Women's Daily Wellbeing + Vitamin Complex - 60 Tablets
Detox + Cleanse - 60 Capsules