Forged Petty Knife - Space Dust

This is Allday Good's Petty knife hand-forged out of 52100 carbon steel by Joe and Jimmy of Thorn Wood Forge in Somerset, England. This is the perfect knife for your smaller jobs.

It features an octagonal handle made out of waste plastic. The plastic is collected, washed, shredded and melted into the handle shape. The waste source is always changing depending on what is collected, so there can be variations in colour. No two handles will ever be the same, so yours is a one-off. 

This is an incredibly sharp high carbon British steel. It has great rust resistance and holds an edge well. Each box includes a knife care booklet inside your order so you can properly maintain the blade. The blade has a very thin edge so it can chip. Please be careful when cutting through bones or placing the knife in a cutlery drawer.  

  • Blade: Petty
  • Handle: Recycled plastic
  • Steel: 52100
  • Maker: Joe and Jimmy in Somerset, England
  • HRC: 62
  • Size: Length 90mm, Width 2mm
  • Weight: 60g