Shirts Every Man Should Have In Their Wardrobe

Within every man’s wardrobe, you should find a collection of staple items that can be worn time and time again, in a number of different ways and to numerous different types of occasions. These items aren’t necessarily things that are ‘on-trend’ or desirable at the time, they are timeless pieces that aren’t subject to the ever-changing fast-fashion trends. You may hear these things referred to as the essentials for a men's ‘capsule wardrobe’.

Within this capsule wardrobe collection, you will find a few different shirts and, for many men, shirts are something that they will wear on a daily basis. Whilst you may currently have multiple shirts hanging in your wardrobe, you can still feel as though you have nothing to wear and this is probably because you’ve purchased the wrong types of shirt. So, to help anyone avoid this situation, below we have listed the shirts that every man should have in their wardrobe. 

Classic white shirt 

This is arguably one of the most versatile shirts for men and when you invest in a white, slim-fit, Oxford shirt, it can be worn in so many different ways, from the office to a summer garden party. There are lots of different classic white shirts on the market too, from Norse Projects Anton shirt to Schnaydermans Oxford One shirt, so you won’t struggle to find one that you love. 

Dress shirt 

Even though you might not wear this on a regular basis, it is still beneficial to have a dress shirt in your wardrobe. This type of shirt tends to be slightly thicker than a regular ‘smart shirt’ and you can expect it to have a different collar and double cuffs too. Having a dress shirt to hand will be beneficial for events where you need to dress to impress.

Pale blue shirt 

Many will agree that this is an essential work shirt for men and if you’re required to wear a shirt to the office, then you will need a pale blue shirt in your wardrobe. This colour shirt will pair well with almost any colour suit and you won’t be restricted when choosing a tie either. A striped pale blue shirt is also a popular choice, but it will be slightly less versatile. 

Patterned shirt 

A little bit of pattern never hurt anyone and a patterned shirt is always perfect for any ‘smart casual’ situation. Many will opt for a shirt with a checked pattern, like a flannel shirt, but there is nothing stopping you from adding floral prints into your wardrobe too. Just make sure you choose a pattern and colour that you’d feel confident wearing, this will differ for everyone. 

Short-sleeve shirt

The majority of shirts you own will likely be long sleeve, but it is always useful to have something with short sleeves too. This type of shirt is perfect for the summer months and it is a stylish option for a day out with family/friends. You can get short sleeve shirts in a range of colours and patterns, but try to choose something that you can style with both jeans and shorts. 

Denim shirt 

For casual daily wear, a denim shirt is a must-have and opting for light blue denim is the safest choice. A denim shirt can also be a brilliant overshirt when worn with a tee as well. You could always opt for a chambray shirt instead of a denim shirt if you’re looking for something lighter fabric-wise. Whilst similar in appearance, some say a chambray shirt is more comfortable.

Purchasing the best shirts for men 

There really is no denying that when you have all of the different types of shirts mentioned above hanging in your wardrobe, you will never struggle to put together a suitable outfit, no matter what occasion you’re dressing for. Shirts really are an essential part of any wardrobe and it is always worthwhile investing in a handful of high-quality well-fitting shirts that will stand the test of time in many different ways. 

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