Our Men’s Clothes Shop in Dublin Can Help You Find Your Statement Winter Pieces

Over the years, there has been consistent development in terms of men’s fashion and here at Indigo & Cloth, we have the privilege of being a top online marketplace where customers can find all of their luxury and contemporary must-haves. With winter fast approaching, we believe that it is important to find statement pieces that not only look phenomenal, but work well to protect you from the cold. That is why our online men’s clothes shop in Dublin is perfect for you. We stock a wide range of exceptional brands from Levis and Oliver Spencer to Our Legacy, Rains and more, all of which produce some of the finest pieces around, ideal to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. 

Winter is a fantastic time of year, as it allows you to layer up on stunning knitwear, trousers, sweats and outerwear, to complement the seasonal colours and provide warmth, no matter how cold it may get. We have an astounding collection of products for you to choose from, made from the finest materials and manufactured to perfection, suitable for men of all ages and builds. All of these pieces are easy to style together, yet it can be difficult to determine what must-haves you should purchase. However, we are here to help. Below we have highlighted some of the best outdoor outfit essentials and how you can easily pull them off to stand out from the crowd. 

Statement Jackets

Coats are very popular, as you should have a piece of clothing that is fitting and practical, whilst maintaining your style in the winter. They can be partnered with roll necks, jumpers and sweatshirts, adding sleek layering, without being overbearing. This is a piece that will top off any look incredibly using tones such as white, grey and black that will work with a variety of colours within your existing wardrobe. One of our best sellers is the Labura Jacket from Portuguese Flannel in a gorgeous grey made with 100% cotton and button placket that is sure to impress. 

Roll Necks

The universal love for roll necks is completely understandable. They are perfect for men, of all shapes and sizes, and hog the body nicely for a flattering look. They also provide exceptional warmth from the neck to the waist, unlike any other shirt. 

Roll necks are very comfortable and partner greatly with joggers, denim jeans and fitted trousers. There are a plethora of ways to wear them, all of which are guaranteed to look sophisticated and smart, ideal for the workplace and events. The possibilities are endless. A loved item is the Talbot Knit from Oliver Spencer as it provides a rugged, deep-winter style with impeccable textural quality that is unrivalled in the current market. 

Scarves & Gloves

Now, you can’t complete a winter look without the appropriate scarves and gloves. Whether you wish to purchase light accessories or thick materials, we have it all here at our online men’s clothes shop in Dublin. These are an essential item, helping you to protect your neck and hands from the frosty weather whilst adding texture to any look that you have put together. From quilted to patterned wool, we believe that having multiple options in your wardrobe gives you the chance to match your outfits accordingly.  

Men’s fashion is an ever-growing market that will never cease to amaze. That is why we are proud to supply you with a vast array of brands that are always in-fashion and consistently producing highly sought after items. With our store, you will easily be able to select from outstanding collections and keep up to date with the latest trends. Our online men’s clothes shop in Dublin is full of wonderful items that you need to have in your wardrobe to remain comfy, yet chic, all year round. You won’t want to miss out on what we have to offer.