A Glimpse at A Kind Of Guise’s Most-Popular Products

If you have never-before had the opportunity to get up-close and personal with A Kind Of Guise, the chances are that you are wondering as to what all the fuss is about. There are, after-all, numerous clothing manufacturers based in Germany - the likes of Hugo Boss and Jack Wolfskin are perfect examples of German fashion in the modern world. However, A Kind Of Guise brings something slightly different to the table. If you want to learn about the unique options stemming from this brand, allow Indigo & Cloth to elaborate.

Apio Knit Polo

To start off, we feel that it is only-fitting that we divert your attention towards one of A Kind Of Guise’s most distinctive pieces - it comes in the form of the Apio Knit Polo. For some of you, this might be a garment that you elect to wear around the house when you want to be cosy. Other individuals may see the bright yellow, and instantly recognise the potential to be noticed. Whatever your point of view may be, we are sure that you will agree that this is one of a kind.

Odessa Sunglasses

As soon as the sun begins to rear its head in the summer, your first immediate thought will be to whip your sunglasses out. Not only are these good at helping to protect your eyes from UV rays - they can also be used to upgrade any outfit with ease, provided that you have taken the liberty of buying a visually-appealing pair. Whilst they often fly under the radar, A Kind Of Guise’s Odessa Sunglasses are an excellent option in this department. Whether you are a man or a woman, we promise that you will fall in love with these expertly-crafted sunglasses.

Eala Coat

If you were under the impression that A Kind Of Guise were solely focussed on producing high-quality menswear, we recommend that you take a moment to do a little more exploring. This is because this is a company which, above all-else, tried to accommodate everyone’s wants and needs. If you need to see an example of this, look no further than their Eala Coat. Although the price tag might scare you at first, allow us to reassure you that this item of clothing is durable and will have no-trouble standing the test of time.

Chamar Cap

Without the right accessories at your disposal, you will find making a lasting impression on your friends notoriously difficult. When you look back at pictures from an important social occasion, it is natural that you wish to be able to stand out from everybody else. You can be rest-assured that fading into the background will not be a problem that you are faced with when you wear the Chamar Cap from A Kind Of Guise. The brim has been deliberately shortened, so as to keep your face on display whilst being out-and-about.

Need Some Assistance?

Prior to your reading, it is understandable that you had not given too much thought to the idea of placing an order for A Kind Of Guise-branded products. Now that you have had some time to mull it over, however, it is possible that your stance has changed. If you have been enticed, and are now trying to find a retailer that can accommodate your preferences, you are in luck - Indigo & Cloth are here to help. 

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