D-Type 01V Horserump TPR - Black


The stitch-down construction of the D-Type 01V ensures durability and water resistance, while Maryam's vegetable-tanned Horserump TPR leather, finished with a blend of oil, wax, and resin, imparts a luxurious luster to the upper from the very beginning. It is finished with a light weight yet sturdy Vibram Q330 outsole.

The D-Type 01V (Variation) is a refined iteration of the original D-Type 01 model. Paracia reimagined this version with a transformative touch, replacing the conventional eyelets with sleek D-rings, while simultaneously incorporating a subtler and more sophisticated outsole. This progressive redesign offers a distinctively contrasting aesthetic, enhancing the existing model with a uniquely balanced, mismatched look. 

  • Maryam Horserump TPR leather upper
  • Vibram Q330 outsole
  • Rhenoflex Toe Puff and Counter supports
  • Leather linnning and insole
  • Stitch-Down by Factory Wan in China