Four Reasons to Wear Stepney Workers Club Shoes


Shoes are a staple part of your wardrobe as they play an important role in many people’s day to day lives, and if you are looking for high quality and fashionable shoes, then Indigo & Cloth can help improve your collection. When looking for day to day shoes there are distinct qualities that you will want to be looking for, for example; you will want them to be comfortable and durable as you will be wearing them frequently, you will want them to look good, and you will want them to match with a variety of outfits that will differ on a daily basis. 

So now let us show you the qualities that Stepney Workers Club shoes can offer you. 


One of the big concepts behind Stepney Workers Club shoes is the fact that they have a sense of timelessness. For those of you who love the fashion looks of the past, you can enjoy not just the appearance of these iconic shoes, which are reminiscent of the past, but the methods of making the shoes are also completed in a traditional way. So if you are looking for shoes that meet the standards of fashion today, but also have a hint of vintage and nostalgia about them, these classic shoes are ideal for you. 

Fashionable and Versatile 

If you are working to a budget, then buying a pair of shoes to match a specific outfit that you’ll only wear on occasions, may not be the most cost friendly option; however, with Stepney Workers Club shoes, you are able to match your shoes to many different outfits. These classics make a great addition to a summer dress, maybe topped with a denim jacket to complete the look. 

If you are really looking to immerse yourself into bygone years, then wearing your Stepney Workers Club shoes with a pair of rolled up jeans and white socks, can give you a great eighties vibe. They will also work with shorts, skirts, jumpsuits, dungarees and more, so you can really get your money’s worth with this pair of shoes in your wardrobe. 


If you are investing in a pair of shoes, especially if you love the look and comfort of them, then you will want the security of knowing that they are durable, so that you can wear them without the worry of them being poor in quality. Stepney Workers Club shoes have a vulcanised rubber sole, which means that the rubber has been hardened, and this can result in a more comfortable sensation when moving around, and you will have the reliability of knowing that your shoes are sturdy. 

Ready to Make a Purchase? 

When shopping for your Stepney Workers Club shoes at Indigo & Cloth you will have access to a wide range of colours and designs, which will give you ample choice and give you the chance to pick your new shoes based upon your preferences, and the clothes that you would like to match them to. If you are looking to purchase a whole new outfit, then you will find various clothing items in our store, both men and womens, from bottoms to tops to outerwear, all from a range of brands. 

If you are interested in getting more information about the Stepney Workers Club shoes that Indigo & Cloth sell, in addition to the vast range of other clothes and shoes, and the variety of products in our lifestore, all of which come from high quality brands, then you can email or call us on +353 1 670 6403.