HAY is a Danish design company known for innovativeness, bold designs and high quality industrial manufacturing. Founded in 2002, HAY's products have a mass appeal to all ages, with their furniture, lighting and interior products becoming iconic pieces of modern Scandinavian design.
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Clip Clip With Handle - Brass
Turn On - Aliminium
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PC Table Light Small - Anodised Aluminium
Candle Conical (Set of 6) - Peach Caramel Mint
W&S Belly Button - Green
Tool Box - Dusty Green
Tea Towels 2pc - Block Dots
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Jug S - Amber (950ml)
Bits and Bobs M - Green
Tann - Soft Lavender
Shade Bin 14 L - Lavender
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Sip Cocktail Straw 6 Pcs - Multi
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Sip Smooth Straw 6 Pcs - Multi
Soft Ice Lunch Plate - Grey
Dish Wash - Europe Juniper Wood
Glass Carafe 1700ml - Clear
Serving Tray L - Golden
Phi Scissors S - Golden
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Wooden Hand M - Untreated
Outline 10 Pcs - Golden
Canopy - Clear
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Canopy - Clear
Cap - Slim Golden
Bits and Bobs Colour L - Grey
Kaleido Medium - Peach
Tea Towel S&B - No.6 Ballpoint Scribble
121 results