Viani - Colombia (250g)


Viani has a special place at MCR as it's a coffee that has been on their list since they started Manhattan Coffee Roasters. They've been working with DR Wakefield and Racafe to improve the coffee and in line with that also pay more for these improvements. First was the use of GrainPro bags and second an agreed better sorting which allows for less defects. So in time it has massively improved in quality and probably most important has increased income for these small farm holders.

Viani is a small town in Cundinamarca, which is not too far from Bogota, a literal drive down.
The "Viani" coffee is made up from coffee from more than 400 small farm holders coming from 5 municipalities and delivered to 3 collection points. The biggest collection point where about 70% of the coffee for “Viani” comes from, is in Sierra town, ran by Joseel. He gets wet and dry parchment delivered and has a mechanical dryer on site.

When the parchment gets delivered, he’ll check the quality, weight the bag and agrees a price. He’ll immediately pays the farmer in cash and gives them a new empty bag to refill.Joseel has worked with Racafe for over 23 years and only sells to Luis Fernando the Bogota manager from Racafe and delivers around 10.000 – 13.000 kg per drive down.

  • Origin: Colombia
    • Process: Washed
    • Variety: Colombia, castillo, typica
    • Tasting Notes: Juicy, stone fruit, cocoa

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