Hacienda Mallorca - Colombia (250g)

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Hacienda Mallorca - Colombia (250g)

Bonanza visited producer, Santiago at his farm, Hacienda Mallorca, in the Valle del Cauca region. This farm is focussed on every detail to ensure the highest quality processing for their coffees. After an 18,5 hour fermentation, the coffee is drying at a consistent temperature of 35°C with a continuous airflow. They cupped through many of Santiagos coffees at his farm, but this particular lot stood out for it’s elegant and high quality sweetness and acidity.

  • Producer: Santiago Londoño
  • Region: Caicedonia, Valle del Cauca
  • Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
  • Process: Washed
  • Tasting Notes: Sherbert lemons, dried mango & cane sugar.