Terroir Coffee Chocolate - Ecuador (62%)


Terroir, meaning land, is a project by Onyx Coffee Lab that explores and celebrates the common ground between chocolate and coffee and the many traits of each of their environments that give them their signature tastes. This bar features cacao and coffee from Ecuador. It contains 62% cacao.

Grown at 2000 meters by Juan Peña at the Hacienda La Papaya farm. This Typica varietal is natural processed and raised-bed dried. Plum, black tea, molasses and rose hip tasting notes.

Grown at Costa Esmeraldas, a family owned and operated 100-hectare cacao farm in the region of Muisne. Fermented over 5 days in a cedar box system, then sun-dried. Strong base chocolate, roasted nuts, light fruit and floral notes. Low acidity and very low bitterness and astringency.

  • Origin: Ecuador
  • Region: Muisne
  • Tasting Notes: Plum, black tea, molasses and rose hip
  • Fermentation - Centrally Fermented in Wooden Boxes
  • Drying - Raised tables with mesh