Santo Domingo - Mexico (250g)

Santo Domingo de Cacalotepec is a small indigenous town located in Ixtlán de Juarez at an altitude of 1480 meters, its humid forests make Santo Domingo one of the areas of Oaxaca with more potential for the production of speciality coffees.

Due to its remoteness and lack of infrastructure Santo Domingo is a municipality where small producers make a gigantic effort to make their coffee production.

It could be considered an example of communities in which not only economic resources are lacking, but also to those that need the transmission of knowledge in matters of processes and drying.

  • Origin: Oaxaca – México
  • Variety: bourbon, pluma hidalgo
  • Altitude: 1480 masl
  • Process: washed
  • Harvest: April 2019
  • Flavours: Figs, sugar cane and plum.