Rivera - Colombia (250g)


This is a new producer for Sey and a very cool coffee. Although not certified as such, this 100% Typica micro lot is 100% organic and grown at very high altitudes in a region they haven't explored much. In the cup we find excellent sweetness, stone fruit, and bright tropicals.

This is Sey's first year working with Laura Rivera, and they are extremely excited about it. Because of leaf rust, it is extremely difficult to find a 100% Typica lot in Colombia. Moreover, it is near impossible to find organically grown Typica anywhere in the world. Typica has long been a favorite heirloom-type coffee varieties, but it is becoming increasingly more and more difficult to find due to climate change. Nátaga is a new region for Sey as they continue to explore the vast coffee growing region of Huila. Sey are proud to offer one of the more exciting prospects they’ve come across in quite a while. 

  • Origin: Colombia
  • Process: Washed
  • Variety: Typica 
  • Tasting notes: Stone fruit, & bright tropical sweetness