Recovery + Sleep Pillow Spray (50ml)


This pillow spray has a calming blend of essential oils to help you fall asleep faster, to reduce sleep anxiety and encourage better sleep.

This fresh scent of 22 essential oils soothes and calms the mind before your sleep. The three Lavender blend anatomē signature, including Cornish, Provencal and Himalayan, soothes the anxious and racing mind conducive to a calming and restorative night of sleep. A study was conducted of 100 subjects that used this pillow spray with Lavender oil – 97% of those tested slept better, with 89% falling asleep faster and 98% feeling more refreshed in the morning.

Lavender is proven to stimulate alpha waves in the brain which help us to relax and unwind. This relaxing step is crucial for an unbroken and restful night of sleep. Tiredness, stresses and strains of the day can make you take longer to fall asleep, frequent night waking that avoids your mind to achieve deep and restorative sleep. Sleepless nights can increase anxiety levels up to 30% in the following day, leading to stress, mental health issues and unbalanced mood.

  • Benefits:
    • Grounds the mind in moments of distress
    • Balances bodily stability and hormones
    • Restores optimism and positive thinking
  • Directions of use:
    • Spray three times onto your pillow or pyjamas and wait 30 seconds until the scent settles.