Plaq Chocolate Bar - Idukki, Asia (60g)


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This IDUKKI cow's milk chocolate is made with one of the two beans that come to us from Asia.

Idukki comes from Kerala in southern India. It is this bean that we liked the most to make a "dark milk" or milky black chocolate. As we like to say at PLAQ: it's a dark chocolate with a cloud of milk. Even if you are very black, try the adventure, because it is a completely different experience than milk chocolates to which we can be accustomed.

This chocolate remains above all made with cocoa beans (+ 40%). It is therefore very aromatic: The impression in the mouth is gently tangy then caramelized and creamy.

Idukki cocoa has its sources in the state of Kerala in southwestern India. This region, nicknamed "the garden of God himself", offers fertile land and a very humid climate, conducive to the cultivation of cocoa trees.

Each bag delivered is individually transformed into chocolate in the Bean To Bar philosophy, into a "micro batch", in order to stay as close as possible to the aromatic specificities that can vary from one batch to another.