OVER Journal - Issue 1

OVER journal is a new periodical publication and online platform that proposes its readers a more wholesome, honest, and critical observation and enjoyment of Photography. Publishing commissioned texts and artworks alongside interviews and opinion pieces, it aims to create the ideal channel for an open and global discussion about the context in which the discipline sits, as well as about the output of artists, exhibiting venues, and publishing houses. 

OVER journal critically focuses on aspects often overlooked that affect the discipline, zooming out to observe the whole scene, to analyse what exactly is happening, what power relationships are at play. It is about preventing the repetition of obsolete and flawed structures, as much as highlighting the work of those who constructively are expanding what we still call Photography into new horizons. More than a portfolio magazine, it is a space for reflection on new practices, new ways of thinking, shining a light wherever needed.

The publication, a project by PhotoIreland developed as part of the Critical Academy,  presents works by artists and writers that contribute to a better understanding of the present challenges, and the future opportunities of both the medium and the world we live in.
Contributors include Aidan Kelly-Murphy, Alison Nordstrom, Amelie Schüle, Ángel Luis González, Anna Ehrenstein, Becks Butler, Benedetta Casagrande, David Farrell, Duncan Wooldridge, Erik Vroons, Eva Kreuger, Francesca Catastini, Garry Loughlin, Gloria Oyarzabal, Guerrilla Girls, Heather Agyepong, Hiro Tanaka, Jorg Colberg, Julia Gelezova, Marion Hislen, Mark McGuinness, Natasha Christia, Shia Conlon, Teresa Eng, Theo Ellison, Yining He, Vera Ryklova, and Yvette Monahan.