Mazateca #1 - Mexico (250g)


Oaxaca is a new region for Sey as they continue exploring Mexico’s potential. It is also one of the newer places they are most excited about. In the cup you'll find a deep, syrupy sweetness, darker fruits of plum and blackberry, and a soft lemon acidity.

This coffee comes from the remote parts of the Sierra Mazateca mountains, where there are mostly closed indigenous communities. Most are not Spanish speakers, making this a very difficult region to work within. Sey are very excited to be working in this region because it is relatively unrepresented, and the micro climate seems ideal for producing complex cup profiles. They will continue learning more about this unique region as we explore these coffees in the years to come.

Bourbon and Typica compose the most culturally and genetically important groups of coffees in the world. They are both low yielding, have very good cup quality potential, and are very susceptible to most diseases. Historical records indicate that seeds were taken to Yemen from the natural coffee forests of south west Ethiopia to be cultivated as a crop. Recent genetic tests have confirmed that Bourbon and Typica were the main seeds taken from Ethiopia to Yemen. From Yemen, descendants of Bourbon and Typica spread around the world, forming the basis of modern Arabica coffee cultivation.

  • Origin: Oaxaca - Mexico
  • Process: Washed
  • Variety: Typica, Bourbon
  • Tasting Notes: Plum, blackberry and syrup.