Los Agucates Geisha - Honduras (250g)


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This washed Geisha is from the talented producer and coffee farmer Rosario Pineda, who was born into a family of coffee growers who strongly believed in producing high quality coffee that is also sustainable. Now, Rosario owns and runs Los Aguacates, her own sustainable, high quality production farm where coffee is grown with love and dedication.

Rosario has been growing other varieties such as Lempira and Catuai, which are typical for local production in Honduras. But once her sister Natalia won 4th place in the Cup of Excellence Honduras, Rosario began to believe that she and her family could truly produce some of the best coffee in Honduras.

Today, Rosario owns her own sustainable, high quality production farm and has consequently found success with the planting of Geisha trees on her farm which have been aided by an irrigation system implemented which has allowed for faster development and decent yields and production. Pacayal (Bailies partner in Honduras) provided a scholarship to Rosario’s son David to go study in Costa Rica at EARTH University, which focuses on agricultural sciences. David has graduated last year and now he is back home, working with Rosario and other producers from Pacayal to further improve their practices and achieve higher quality and sustainability in the future.

Geisha varieties are celebrated for the floral and critic characteristics in their profiles. With this Honduran Geisha, the sweet, floral notes of the jasmine are balanced with the acidity of the rooibus and the lemongrass. This gives this coffee the medium body and acidity that sets it apart from most other geisha varieties grown in other parts of the world.

  • Origin: San Pablo, Honduras
  • Process: Washed
  • Variety: Geisha
  • Tasting Notes: Jasmine, rooibos & lemongrass

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