La Pachuca - Costa Rica (250g)


With almost 50 years of coffee experience, his closeness to nature and his love for his homeland, Roberto Mata is a pioneer in the sustainable cultivation of coffee in Costa Rica. He also likes to experiment with new types of preparation in order to create even more exciting coffees.

Its latest highlight: Juicy Honey Fermentation. To do this, the cherries are peeled and fermented in their own mucilage plus the pulp of another lot for 120 hours. The result is what feels like twice as sweet and fruity coffee that tastes like red grits, white lemon balm and rock candy. As a cold drip, it reminds us of a tropical rum cocktail.

  • Origin: Costa Rica 
  • Process: Juicy Honey Fermentation
  • Variety: Red Bourbon
  • Notes: Red fruit jelly, white lemon balm & rock candy