House Espresso Capsules - 10 Per Pack


Origin's delicious, sustainable coffee is now available in Nespresso® compatible 100% aluminium capsules for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 

House Espresso Profile:

  • This coffee has a delicious richness, low acidity with a chocolate, nut-like profile and a caramel sweetness. Flavour notes of chocolate, nuts and caramel.


  • As well as being sustainably sourced coffee, these 100% aluminium capsules are recyclable. Please check with your local council on whether they'll accept them in household recycling, otherwise please return them to us and we'll recycle them through First Mile. 

Please see full coffee information and brewing instructions below;


    • Origin's pods take slightly longer to extract than others. This is intentional as when testing, they found that a longer extraction time created a more pronounced cup, full of body and flavour.

    Brew Recipe:

    • Use filtered water
    • Place scales under cup, insert capsule, press any button and allow to brew until 25g is in the cup
    • Don't press button multiple times, please read manual to adjust buttons if more or less water is required
    • If you don't have scales, the target volume is 25ml.

    Coffee Provenence:

    • A blend of coffees sourced from long-term direct trade partners in Brazil.
    • Farms: Mariano, Das Almas & Sao Joao
    • Producers: Ricardo Barbosa, Adriano Virgulino Muniz & Osvaldo Bachiao
    • Processing: Pulped Natural
    • Varietals: Catuai, Mundo Novo & Acaia
    • Elevations: 1,120-1,600 masl


    • 100% arabica coffee