Gicherori - Kenya (227g)


Gicherori Factory, Embu, Kenya – Washed SL28, SL34

– “A complex and lively Kenyan high-end lot of carefully hand picked and selected only the largest (AA) size beans”. 

What to expect in the cup: Redcurrant, lime, rooibos. Extremely sweet and buttery with complex multi-layered floral citrus acidity and lingering vanilla finish.

For those who want a complex and classic Kenyan, this is a really great and possibly the best option. The Gicherori Coffee Factory is located in Embu – an area that is starting to produce very good coffees. It is managed by the Kibugu Cooperative, home to 5 factories in total. Each lot consists of coffee from hundreds of smallholders located in the surrounding areas of the factory. The team at the factory sort the cherries before they go into production. The coffees are traditionally processed with dry fermentation before being washed and graded in channels. They are then dried on raised beds and prepared for export in vacuum packs. We always only purchase one or two Kenyan lots per year after cupping many pre shipment samples and this one was one of the very best standing on the table with its great structure and complex multi-layered acidity.

  • Origin: Kenya
  • Process: Washed
  • Variety: SL28 & SL24
  • Tasting Notes: Redcurrant, lime, rooibos

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