Fuji Lot N19 - Rwanda (250g)

At Fugi, producers bring their cherries to the washing station by bicycle, on foot, or to the central collection site. It's equipped with two drying shelters, which provide shade to rest and sort the coffee beans immediately after washing. The following day, the coffee moves to the drying beds where sorting continues by hand to ensure all defects are removed. To get the coffee to a stable 11.5% moisture content, the coffee is dried with direct sunlight. If the sun is too hot, the beans are covered with penetrable sheets, although Fugi knows a very stable temperature curve throughout the year. At this station, Archers experiment with different processing methods so as to push boundaries and improve our understanding and skills. This station is known to produce very clean, and vibrant coffees.
Fugi is quickly becoming a favorite of many roasters in the Baho network, producing consistently excellent washed and natural lots. Located in the Southern Province of Rwanda, it is nestled between the Nyungwe National Forest and the border of Burundi. It’s the second smallest station in the Baho collection, purchasing cherry from approximately 950 smallholder farmers in total. This washing station produces approximately 900 bags of exportable specialty grade coffee each year. Fugi was built in 2013, but it was purchased by Emmanuel in 2016. Since then, he’s dedicated this station to solely producing specialty grade coffee. 
  • Origin: Rwanda
  • Process: Lactic, Honey
  • Variety: Red Bourbon
  • Tasting Notes: Dark raisins, black cherry, mandarine, red apple