El Limonar 250g - Guatemala
El Limonar 250g - Guatemala

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El Limonar 250g - Guatemala

Rogelio Aguirre, Bailies farming partner of both El Limonar & El Comedor lots has surprised yet again placing 17th in his first ever Cup of Excellence entry!

Last year, Bailies noticed Rogelio grew Maragogype (A variety typically known for its surprisingly large beans). However, the coffee plants were dispersed around the farm, processed and mixed with other varieties causing the rarity of the cherry to be lost, he took it upon himself to surprise with a 'Maragogype only' lot, picking the cherries and processing them as washed to provide a distinct flavour profile. This year, he decided to take it a step further processing the Maragogype as a natural.

On a blind cupping table his coffee came out on top and knew to enter the auction. Bailies managed to secure Rogelio’s coffee (to his surprise) finding out we were the buyers to his coffee after the auction had ended. It's a partnership they've been fostering for quite some time now and are incredibly proud to be able to share this lot with you!

  • Tasting notes: Mango, grape & cherry.
  • Limited Edition Cup of Excellence lot
  • Region: La Libertad
  • Process: Natural
  • Variety: Maragogype
  • Altitude: 1350-1850 masl
  • Aroma: Stone Fruit
  • Acidity/Body: Medium-High/Full