Candle Long Mix (Set of 6) - Dark Peach, Dark Rose, Light Rose


HAY's shiny twisted candles in dark peach, dark rose and light rose are almost too beautiful to burn: their original shape and unique colors lend themselves perfectly as decorative candles in any interior. They come as 'twist' and 'spiral' versions and in different colors. Handmade from Italy - so each candle is unique. Available per piece.

The twisted candles are almost too beautiful to burn. Because of their unique shapes and colors, the candles can also be used as decorations. They are handmade in Italy and are available in a 'Spiral', 'Twist' and 'Conical' version. The candles are available per piece and will last 6 to 8 hours of burning. The twisted candles are perfect to combine with the Flare candle holder.

  • Set of 6 (2 per colour)
  • Depth: 2,6, Diameter: 2,6, Height: 29, Width: 2,6
  • Material: Paraffin