Bombe Anaerobic - Ethiopia (250g)


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120 hour anaerobic fermentation. The village of Bombe is located directly at the Harenna Forest in Sidama at an altitude of 2000m. Here, the Yonis family works with 350 farmers on their Ayla Washing Station. Each farmer only produces around 100kg of coffee cherries per year on his land. After picking, the cherries ferment in barrels with exclusion of air for 5 days at cool temperatures under trees in the forest. Then they dry for 27 days in the shade on African Beds in the crystal clear air. The result is a fruit bomb that tastes like strawberry, apple rings and rosé wine.

  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Process: Natural 120h Anaerobic Fermentation
  • Variety: Kurume 
  • Tasting Notes : Strawberry, apple strudel & rosé wine