Akeza Karigura PB - Burundi (250g)

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Akeza Karigura PB - Burundi (250g)

Akeza Karigura PB is the naturally processed lot of our Nimu Silas PB. This is a mixed lot of the peaberries from the four washing stations owned by Salum Ramadhan. The cherries are dried in a single layer for three days, this initial intensive drying creates a more clean and bright profile in the cup. The cherries are then piled higher to slow down the drying. This results in an extremely complex and vibrant cup, with intense florals and tropical notes, a very unique profile from one of our favourite origins.

  • Region: Kayanza Province
  • Varietal: Bourbon PB
  • Process: Natural
  • Tasting Notes: Watermelon, yoghurt & blueberries