FAQ & Media

So what's the story here, you're a shop, studio & cafe?

Yep. It may be a bit to take in but we promise you it all makes sense. We started with the shop then got into design, so started a studio. You guessed it, we got into coffee next. We also have some side projects.

No sorry, explain this to me.

It began in 2008 but lets go to 2013 when we found our current home. It's four stories high, so it allowed us to do all these things under one roof. Coffee is on the ground floor, shop is over ground and first and studio on the top two floors. We are our own best customers across all departments!

Which part am I supposed to focus on?

That's up to you, which one did you visit us for? I guess consider the other stuff the bonus. We kinda figured having the online store is the main thing made the most sense but the other stuff is equally important.

Ok, so I can visit the cafe and store, what does the studio do?

We concentrate on branding but we are full service agency, meaning we do a lot of design but also do strategy, digital, social, photography and film etc. Maybe this is where you should pop over to our studio section.

So you are a real shop, a real cafe and a real studio?

Emm, I guess so. We're pretty decent at all those things if that's what you are getting at?

And the coffee, is it ... ya know ...

It's a proper little cafe that serves up great tea, coffee and cakes. Its a partnership with Clement & Pekoe who ain't too shabby.

But I've got so much more questions.

Thats cool, email us and we will come back to you on them. Promise.

Who do I mail?

There's a few of us so best hit up the general email info@indigoandcloth.com, we all see this account. 

What about 'press pulls'?

We're always happy to accommodate. We are of the opinion that people are paying good money for our clothes so don't like too much to go out each season. Ideally we try and work to the start of each season so people are seeing what is 'in-store'. Drop a mail to andy@indigoandcloth.com to arrange it.

High res imagery?

Not a problem. We have what you need, just shout.