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Candle Twist Set of 6 - Grey Beige, Citrus, Peach
Ginger Flight Therapy (10ml)
Reverence Aromatique - Hand Balm (75ml)
Phi Scissors S - Golden
Tea Towel S&B - No.6 Ballpoint Scribble
Workout Bottle - Clear (480ml)
Resurrection Aromatique - Hand Balm (75ml)
Indigo & Cloth x Fatti Burke - Dublin Summer
Workout Bottle - Smoke (480ml)
Turf Projects Postcard Set
Middle Way - Room Spray
Mary Mother Of God - Room Spray
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Middle Way - Incense Cone Tin
Mary Mother Of God - Incense Cone Tin
Paper Filter Stand - White
Cascara - Guatemala Jalapa Cascara Nano Lot (150g)
Aqua Culture Vase - Transparent Blue
W&S Moguls - Burgundy
W&S Belly Button - Green
Indigo & Cloth x Conor Nolan - Bundle Up Print (A3)
Kaleido S - Royal Blue
Sip Cocktail Straw 6 Pcs - Multi
Frotté Slippers - Blue
Tea Towels 2pc - Block Dots
Wooden Hand M - Untreated
Loop Tea Strainer - Black
Espresso Cup - Navy/White (110ml)
Espresso Cup - White/Pink/Beige (110ml)
Nemba - Burundi (200g)
Hugo Melo - Colombia (200g)
Miller Sock - Dixon Navy/Ginger
Miller Sock - Dixon Charcoal
Sidamo Logita - Ethiopia (250g)
Botanical Family Saucer L - Brass
Bjarki Cotton Sport - Beech Green
Bjarki Cotton Sport - Dark Navy
Bjarki Blend - Dark Navy
Borosilicate Mug - Pink (300ml)
Leo Sponge - Mint
Ruban Rectangular S Mirror - Blue Stripe
Waffle Tea Towel (Set of 2) - Cool Rose & Midnight Blue
Tray L -  Rainbow
Tray L - Rainbow
Purifying Organic Soap Bar - Activated Charcoal
Nourishing Organic Soap Bar - Manuka Honey
Gossamer - Volume 6
Soft Ice Dinner Plate - Green
Hay Water Bottle - Rose (0.9 litre)
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Cotton Rib Sport Sock - Navy/Yellow
164 results