San Luis Special Espresso - Colombia (200g)


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The environmental conservation work that Omar does on his farm is incredible. His farm is a forest with coffee inside. What he achieves with the shade of the forest is that his browns ripen slowly and have great nutrition thanks to the leaves that fall from the trees. In the soil, many fungi help improve its quality. All this is then reflected in an intense and complex cup, full of tropical, citrus and sweet notes.

The cherries from this lot went through a floating selection after harvest, and fermented for 24 hours in GrainPro bags. The coffee was then depulped and washed for 18-20 hours. The next step consisted in a 12-15 days drying phase in raised beds until reaching 15% humidity, followed by a mechanically drying until reaching 11%.

Sweet and fruity, with notes of apricot, crumble and cherry. Clean and round body with hints of cherry, ripe banana and orange.

  • Origin: Colombia
  • Process: Washed
  • Variety: Typica
  • Tasting Notes: Apricot crumble, banana