El Comedor - Guatemala (250g)

El Comedor is a 100% Bourbon variety known for its great sweetness, high complexity, and serendipitous story. El Comedor is grown on the farm's highest point, which comes with its own set of challenges. Collecting the cherries at these heights can be difficult, as it can take over two hours just to reach the top of the farm.

Through Rogelio's innovation & passion, he devised a method that quickly brought the cherries to the washing stations at the bottom of the mountain. He called it his "Cherry delivery tunnel".

This system worked well until one unfortunate night, just after harvesting most of the El Comedor lot, the pipe clogged up halfway up the mountain and the cherries were stuck overnight. Rogelio assumed this mistake would have damaged the quality of the cherries. But, surprisingly he preferred the taste.

The cherries fermented slightly overnight. This lucky coincidence developed sweet winey notes while keeping the complexity and high quality. This year Rogelio decided to process the El Comedor lot in the same way, letting the cherries ferment overnight before processing them with a traditional washed method in the morning. 

  • Origin: Guatemala
  • Process: Washed
  • Variety: Bourbon
  • Tasting Notes: Bakers Chocolate, Caramel & Stewed Apple

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