Merino Wool

Merino sheep were first found in the mountainous regions of Spain in the 12th century. Since then, the Merino sheep has been producing fine, soft and breathable fibres. Merino wool is a smart fabric as it regulates your temperature so that in the cold your body stays warm, and in the heat, your body stays cool. 

The fineness of the yarn Merino sheep create makes for extremely comfortable wear on the skin. Wool on bare skin is normally not recommended, however, merino wool fibres are half the size of other wools making it have the softness of cotton or cashmere. All of the above makes Merino wool a much-loved fabric the world over. 

This versatile material will see you through the entire season and check out our favourite merino wool pieces here;

Merino Wool
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Permanents Crewneck - Olive
Permanents Beanie - Navy Ranger
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Permanents Beanie - Grey
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Gusto Shirt - Goldrush Melange
Taku Vest - Fuzzy Phantom